Covid Shield Policy

Covid Shield Policy of NETBULL SINGLE MEMBER LTD (Commerial Registry No: 1263745001000), is in line with the company's goals and customer requirements, awareness, legislation and authorities with a continuous effort to improve, taking into account the scientific data on the risks from Covid-19 virus. Stopping the transmission and spread of a virus or disease is now an integral part of the company's business planning.

The company has set measurable goals whose results demonstrate the effectiveness of its processes and ensures that the Covid Shield policy is communicated, understood, implemented and adhered to at all levels of the organization. It also ensures a cooperation environment and the participation of all employees. The necessary infrastructure, the resources and the means for the implementation, the maintenance and the improvement of the System were identified during its Design, were presented to the Management for approval and commitment for their provision and were integrated as requirements in the relevant System’s Procedures. Adequacy, management and resource need are addressed by Management in the System Review Meeting. 

The company utilizes modern technologies and is constantly updating its infrastructure. It takes care of the continuous training - development of its executives and employees in techniques of control and organization of its activities. Ensures that it maintains effective communication with staff, suppliers, customers, authorities and organizations so that adequate information is available regarding the requirements of the Covid Shield System. It faithfully applies the requirements of the Covid Shield System, which has been developed in all stages of its activity. The continuous effort for the improvement of the System includes controls (internal inspections), which aim at the recognition of any deviations and the definition of corrective and preventive actions. The Covid Shield Team has incorporated in all training programs and updates on issues related to Negative Behaviors & Social Stigmatization always with respect to personal data and health information of customers, partners, and employees.

 In the context of the implementation of the above system, the Management of the company undertakes:

  • For the implementation of the management system "Covid Shield" in all the activities and operation facilities of the company, which are located:


16, Eleftheriou Venizelou Avenue

176 76, Kallithea-Athens, GREECE


Thessaloniki Branch

8, Halkis Str.

555 35, Pylaia-Thessaloniki, GREECE


  • To comply with the applicable legal and other requirements to which the company's activities fall and are related to the protection of public health from the Covid-19 virus.
  • To evaluate the development methods and execution of its activities with the aim of reducing and / or eliminating the possibility of transmission of the virus during the execution of its activities.
  • To continuously improve the existing mechanisms and processes by enriching them with new, modern ones, utilizing its know-how and the applicable legislation, always aiming at the protection of public health against Covid-19 virus.
  • To continuously provide the required infrastructure, human and logistical resources required in order for the operation of the company to take place in safe conditions for customers, staff and associates and always in accordance with the provisions of the relevant public health legislation. against the Covid-19 virus.
  • Ensure that each employee and associate realizes the important role that their own work and behavior plays in protecting public health against Covid-19 virus and adheres to the current policy and applied “Covid Shield” system.


In order to monitor the correct implementation of the system "Covid Shield" the Management has set and monitors at regular intervals the following Indicators:

  • Number of trainings / awareness actions
  • Number of customer complaints
  • Number of problems with external providers (suppliers of products / services)
  • Number of Non-conformities from internal and external inspections


This policy applies to all the activities / works of the company and to all the interested parties that are related and / or affected by the operation of the company. The policy is applied without interruption throughout the company's operating hours. It is also reviewed at regular intervals by the Management, in order to be in line with current developments and to always be updated in accordance with the guidelines, available from the authorities.

The Covid Shield Policy is available to all interested parties regarding the operation of the company upon request and via the website.

This Policy was last updated on September 2nd, 2022.