Environmental Management Policy

The company "NETBULL SINGLE MEMBER LTD" (Commerial Registry No: 1263745001000), which is active in the Study, Design, Supply, Installation, Support and Maintenance of integrated information systems solutions, strategically oriented its development in Greece and Abroad is committed to continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System, in accordance with the compliance obligations, following the principles and requirements of ISO 14001: 2015.

Following a path of sustainable development, it seeks to use prudent and rational use of natural resources while minimizing the negative impacts of its activities on the environment. All employees of our company act in the context of environmental protection through their commitment to the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System.

In the context of the continuous improvement of the System, Company’s Management sets environmental objectives, which are reviewed annually for their implementation level, approved new or modified according to the performance of the company and new conditions in its field of operation.

Through this Environmental Management Policy of "NETBULL SINGLE MEMBER LTD", we are committed to:

  • systematically monitoring the effectiveness and appropriateness of the system
  • systematically monitoring and observing environmental compliance obligations related to the environmental aspects of our company
  • systematically identify, evaluate and control the environmental impacts of all the company's activities including external providers and stakeholders
  • protection of the natural environment from harmful change and degradation caused by our company's operations
  • to minimize and rationalize its waste generation and to increase the materials to be recycled against those disposed of for disposal
  • environmental protection including pollution prevention, sustainable use of resources, impact mitigation and adaptation to climate change, as well as the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems
  • ensuring the resources needed to operate the system effectively and continuously improve it in order to improve our environmental performance
  • the continuous training and education of staff and the encouragement of their active participation, both individually and as a group, in their field of operation, in order to achieve environmental objectives, avoid environmental pollution, conserve natural resources and ensure improvement of the Environmental Management System
  • promoting open dialogue and informing stakeholders in a spirit of sincere and mutual respect
  • a well-documented search for the causes of problems and weaknesses, in order to identify and implement the necessary corrective actions to prevent them from recurring.

The Management Team of "NETBULL SINGLE MEMBER LTD" in collaboration with its executives, ensures that the documented information of the Environmental Management System is communicated and fully understood by all its human resources, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organizational structure and in all its functions.

In addition, it calls on external providers, as well as any other stakeholder, to endorse its principles, guiding them to act in accordance with them.