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IDIKA & Netbull Silver award at "SIEM Solution" category

CYBER SECURITY AWARDS 2022, the first award ceremony for rewarding efficiency in cyber security management, took place on Wednesday, 16 March 2022. They are the first awards organized by BOUSSIAS in Greece and are under the auspices of the Information Security Forum - ISF. The organization of the awarding event is very important, as it is organized after a very difficult period for all companies, in the private and public sector.


On-premises SIEM solution, with SOC outsourcing services.

The e-Government Center for Social Security (IDIKA SA) provides integrated IT and Communications solutions to social insurance, health, welfare and social policy organizations and supports critical infrastructure within the organization, in its private cloud, but also in the public cloud that manages.

To address the security challenges of its critical infrastructure, it has adopted a zero-trust architecture, installed and operates a Security Incident Management System (SIEM), and contracted Netbull through Managed Security Services to predict, detect, investigate and respond in real time 24x7, security incidents by using machine learning and artificial intelligence mechanisms.

For the above solution, IDIKA was awarded at the Cyber Security Awards 2022, with the Silver Award in "SIEM Solution" category.