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Netbull & Cisco Gold award at "IoT Security Solution" category

CYBER SECURITY AWARDS 2022, the first award ceremony for rewarding efficiency in cyber security management, took place on Wednesday, 16 March 2022. They are the first awards organized by BOUSSIAS in Greece and are under the auspices of the Information Security Forum - ISF. The organization of the awarding event is very important, as it is organized after a very difficult period for all companies, in the private and public sector.


Real Time Incident Management in both IoT & OT environments.

Knowing that IoT & OT device interconnection, due to design, faces significant security issues, Netbull integrated the Cisco CyberVision solution with the Netbull eASIS platform and the IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson service to detect known and unknown threats. Cisco CyberVision as a specialized cyber threat detection solution creates a dynamic IoT & OT device registry, records vulnerabilities and their interfaces, monitors and detects threats based on their behavior analysis or unauthorized activity.

For the above solution, Netbull was awarded at the Cyber Security Awards 2022, with the Gold Award at "IoT Security Solution" category.