Managed Security Services

Netbull Managed Security Services includes 24x7 monitoring, management, and response to advanced threats and risks, supporting your compliance requirements. Our MSS have delivery capabilities to secure hybrid multicloud environments and assist organizations in managing compliance with complex regulatory requirements.

Netbull can provide the industry’s broadest portfolio of managed services, the deepest integrated security ecosystem, industry leading security software and technologies consumed as a service, and certified security experts to secure your organization and maximize value throughout your security journey.

All Managed Security Services provided by the team of nSOC, which is powerd by Netbull Threat Management Platform (eASIS).

  • Real Time Threat Management (RTTM) 24x7
    Threat monitoring and incident management around the clock, using AI analytics, Network Behavior Analysis, User Behavior Analysis and EDR technologies

    Threat’s environment has changed a lot over the last five years, and is characterized by the increasing number of attacks, their complexity and finally the significant impact they have on organizations. To address these threats, we have developed a strategy that is characterized by the principle that the information infrastructure of an organization is compromised and based on possible attack scenarios (use cases).

    This strategy guided us to evolve the Managed Security Services we provide through our Intelligence-Driven SOC, using Artificial Intelligence, Network Behavior Analysis, User Behavior Analysis and Endpoint Detection & Response technologies.

    The milestone of our Managed Security Services is the advanced and intelligent Netbull Threat Management NG platform, on which the use cases are built according to the organization's business activities, its IT infrastructure, security requirements and compliance with regulatory frameworks. The service provided in Prevention, Detection & Response areas.



    The Prevention services included in 24x7 RTTM service are (a) Global Threat Level Monitor service, (b) Vulnerability Assessment service and (c) Threat Intelligence service

    (a) Through the Global Threat Level Monitoring service, our company globally monitors security events and provides Early Warning of new vulnerabilities and active attacks and Virtual Patches in the case of new software vulnerabilities whose manufacturer has not issued a security patch through the implementation of custom IPS rule, firewall rule, endpoint detection rule, etc.

    (b) Vulnerability assessment service provides so that (a) in each security incident, the under-attack system vulnerabilities to be reported and false alarms to be reduced and (b) the organization can make the repair of the defined vulnerabilities. The service covers a wide range of vulnerabilities, protocols, applications, operating systems and services to identify all known vulnerabilities, providing accurate results and thus excluding false positive and false negative findings.

    (c) The Threat Intelligence service or otherwise Threat Feeds was created to enhance the capabilities of threat detection mechanisms so they can detect more efficient known advanced attacks. Threat Feeds directly assist Incident Response teams in quickly identifying and responding to a known threat. Threat Feeds/Intelligence either in the form of a list containing IP addresses and Hosts or in the form of IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) remain static, “signatured based” defense tactics.



    Netbull Security Analysts monitor 24x7 in real-time all attacks on nSOC customer’s infrastructure and depending on the type of incident they will take the necessary actions including update, validation, prioritization, treatment and investigation. The detection services include (a) Artificial intelligence & cognitive computing and (b) User Behavior Analysis (UBA) service

    (a) Netbull integrated artificial intelligence technologies to its Security Operations Center (nSOC) and now has a state-of-the-art Security Intelligence Center (SIC). This service is designed to immediately detect at early stage an attack, understand the logic of the attack and the methodology of a specialized hacker.

    (b) As an integrated service of our platform, UBA service utilizes behavioral models and Machine Learning (ML) to add user network to network flows, security incidents, vulnerabilities and threats for faster and more accurate attack detection.



    We use a four stages process to response security incidents

    (a) Preparation. In the preparation stage, the response teams, the required infrastructure, the necessary procedures and policies as well as the proposed forms will be identified.

    (b) Analysis. At this point the evaluation of the incident, the determination of the criticality and the treatment plan are made to avoid a serious impact in the organization.

    (c) Interception/Eradication/Recovery. At this stage the incident management team will take action to reduce the organization exposure and damages, to identify the causes that caused the incident and return the organization its normal framework and operation.

    (d) Review. At this last stage an overall assessment of the incident needs to be made. A report is created through which the organization is informed about the incident, what exactly happened, what measures were taken and what were the results.


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  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR)
    24x7 cyber threat detection, response, and remediation at endpoints

    Managed Detection and Response (MDR), is a managed cybersecurity service that provides a 24/7 threat detection, response, and remediation at endpoints (servers, workstations, and/or mobile devices). This type of service takes the weight off a company's shoulders in terms of threat and incident management and is a good solution /service if cyber threat handling expertise is not available in-house.

    The MDR service integrates the security incident monitoring and management service (SOCaaS), for the timely detection and elimination of confirmed security incidents on endpoints, as well as the taking of appropriate actions to prevent and handle such incidents around-the-clock.


    How does Netbull MDR Service work?

    Netbull Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines industry leading detection and prevention technologies with a modern 24-hour security operation center. The nSOC is staffed by expert security analysts recruited to hunt, identify and eradicate adversaries. The service provided in Prevention, Detection & Response areas


    • Industry-leading technology is used to harden systems, and detect and block attacks across Endpoint, Network and Cloud environments. This frees up security analysts to focus on advanced attacks.
    • High-value target and high-risk target identification and monitoring help further reduce risk by focusing on areas of the business with a higher probability of being targeted.
    • Support for all major operating systems including Windows, Linux and MacOS.


    • Continuous collection of host & network telemetry information with Netbull SIEM solution and its integrated AI technologies to enable proactive hunting, anomaly detection and investigations.
    • Threat intelligence research and hunting missions based on the customer’s threat profile.
    • Augment customer data with Global Threat Intelligence.


    • Custom response actions tailored to each customer for effective incident response action while managing business interruption risk.
    • Automated remediation actions to reduce attacker dwell time via pre-approved actions.
    • Security incident flash reports provide live updates to ongoing security analyst investigations.


    • Monthly strategic reports provide an overview of the value of your MDR service.
    • Real-time dashboards give insights into the security posture of your environment.
    • Postmortem reports give you the information you need to measure impact on the business.


    Features of the service:

    • Integration with the Security Incident Monitoring and Management Service (SOCaaS): For the immediate detection of security incidents our company has completed the MDR service, through the SOCaaS service, providing a range of attacks detection and response technologies such as Threat Intelligence, IBM QRadar with Watson, etc. MDR security events are forwarded via an API to the IBM QRadar platform and analyzed (normalization, correlation) by the SOCaaS service.
    • Threat Intelligence: Log analysis takes into account threat intelligence information coming both from the internal processed infrastructure information and from external commercial or non-commercial sources such as IBM X-Force, Talos, etc.
    • Machine learning analysis: The service is trained by learning algorithms at the end points, to detect malicious files and activities based on the characteristics of known malware. Machine learning capabilities are supported by a cloud service to ensure a better and more accurate model. With this technique it is possible to detect zero-day malware.
    • Vulnerability Detection: The service detects vulnerabilities in endpoint software to reduce the chances of a successful attack exploiting a software vulnerability. The endpoints that use the vulnerable software are recorded and prioritized based on the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures CVE rating.
    • Integration with the Security Incident Monitoring and Management Service (SOCaaS): MDR service completed through the SOCaaS service, providing a range of attacks detection and response technologies such as Threat Intelligence, IBM QRadar with Watson, etc.
    • Immediate response: Once an incident is detected, Netbull I-nSOC analysts take immediate action to recover as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of spreading attacks and limit any damage. Using EDR technology can isolate the attacked devises, which is the first key step in preventing the threat from spreading throughout the corporate environment.


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  • Incident Investigation
    Collection, Identification Analysis & Report of the related incident findings

    The service provides Control & Analysis of internal network. During investigation collected the necessary information to assess the severity of an incident and mitigate risks as soon as possible. The evidence data collected by using agents on endpoints and completed with our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform, that helps analysts for reporting of the incident according to the findings of the audit.

    The procedure is based on best practice standards such as ISO/IEC 27037, NIST SP 800-86 standards and it’s adaptive according to client’s business environment. The procedure includes the following phases:

    • Collection of the digital devices information that could potentially contain data of evidentiary value.
    • Identification of the priorities for collected data based on the value and volatility of evidence.
    • Analyze & correlate of digital evidence using technologies & tools integrated with Netbull Threat Management Platform.
    • Reporting of the incident findings.


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  • ICS/SCADA Threat Detection & Response
    A cybersecurity threat detection & response service that preserves the availability, integrity, and safety of industrial operations

    Our complete cybersecurity monitoring coverage and the integrated threat detection services are essential to preserving the availability, integrity, and safety of industrial operations.

    As the foundation of Netbull Threat Management Platform (eASIS), ICS Threat Detection & Response delivers fundamental cybersecurity controls for industrial networks.

    Netbull eASIS ensures that no security or integrity event or indicator goes unnoticed—including ones related to the adversary tactics and techniques detailed in the MITRE ATT&CK for ICS framework.

    Its core capabilities include:

    • Visibility & Asset Management: eASIS provides 100% visibility into all three variables of risk in your industrial network: OT, IoT, and IIoT assets, connections, and processes.

    • Risk & Vulnerability Management: eASIS delivers risk and vulnerability management controls that enable you to rapidly pinpoint and remediate security weaknesses and corresponding risks in your industrial network with unmatched ease and precision.

    • Threat Detection & Response: eASIS empowers you with a resilient threat detection model to ensure that you can immediately identify and respond to the earliest indicators of potential threats to your industrial network.


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  • Early Warning Services (power by SOCRadar)
    A system with an extended threat intelligence platform

    What is Netbull Early Warning?

    It's a set of servises that provided by an early warning system with an extended threat intelligence platform. The system includes the following modules:


    AttackMapper (External Attack Surface Management)

    AttackMapper helps customers gain additional visibility and context regarding the severity of unknown external-facing digital assets in an automated manner.

    Through advanced internet-wide monitoring algorithms, AttackMapper provides security teams with direct visibility into all internet-facing technological assets in use as well as assets attributed to IP, DNS, Domain and cryptographic infrastructure.


    RiskPrime (Digital Risk Protection)

    RiskPrime builds on industry-leading instant phishing domain identification, internet-wide scanning and compromised credential detection technologies by aggregating and correlating massive data points into actionable intelligence alerts.

    This enables Security Operations and Risk Management teams to swiftly and effectively understand how particular risks have evolved through digital transformation and what to do for mitigation.


    ThreatFusion (Cyber Threat Intelligence)

    ThreatFusion provides a big-data powered threat investigation module to help Threat Intelligence Teams searching for deeper context, real-time threat research and analysis.

    The suite is fed by massive data sources across surface, deep and dark web from Paste Sites to Underground Dark Web forums.

    The module also includes API-ready intelligence feeds pulled from a broad variety of sources to provide IOCs of potential threats and threat actors targeting your industry.


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  • Managed eXtended Detection & Response (XDR)
    24-hour extended detection & response based on machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies


    The Challenge

    Detecting and responding to advanced attacks requires specialization, while at the same time traditional protection mechanisms are no longer sufficient. 


    The Solution / Service

    Netbull provides the new Managed XDR (based on IBM QRadar XDR) Service for continuous, 24-hour protection based on Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), while saving IT security teams resources for analysis, investigation and threat response.

    Targeting all organizations, Managed XDR Service provides the significant benefits of an outsourced Security Operation Center (SOC) and does not require specialized threat detection and incident analysis skills from the organizations' security teams. The service is complemented by ML and AI technologies that enable automated security incident analysis, allowing our analysts to focus on the most important processes.

    In addition, our experienced and certified security analysts are ready to respond to any threat promptly and effectively. The combination of technologies, know-how and experience gives our customers protection from specialized threats that avoid detection. Our analysts monitor threats in real time, and receive ready-made response suggestions through the service.

    Netbull Managed XDR Service is not based on a single machine learning system that eliminates any kind of cyber-attack, but on a combination of machine learning algorithms at the User, Endpoint, Cloud services, and Network level.


    How it Works

    The solutions that compose the Netbull Managed XDR Service (based on IBM QRadar XDR) send their telemetry to the eASIS platform (based on IBM QRadar). This telemetry is then analyzed at the Netbull Security Operations Center, using over 800 owned TTP-based ‘hunts’, tailored to the client environment, along with various detection engines.

    As alerts are collected from endpoint devices, users, network, and cloud services, this allows our solution to detect links in an attack chain at various stages. All scans are further validated and prioritized by the Netbull Threat Hunting team to ensure a timely response.

    After an automated analysis through the IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson service, our customers receive according to their SLA, the necessary notifications and response instructions on the web portal.


    Complementary Services

    Response options can be implemented via the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution.

    Customers can also combine Managed XDR Service with Netbull's incident response services to outsource investigation, forensics and elimination of cyber security incidents.


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